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Sewing gratitude

Martha Oakes

The chapel at Salina Presbyterian Manor is much cheerier these days, thanks to banners created and donated by Martha Oakes.

Martha volunteered to make the fabric hangings, known as paraments, after talking with our chaplain, Mary Bridges, at Salina READ MORE

4 Ways to Donate to Charity Without Writing a Check

These ideas can help you de-clutter your home and earn a tax write-off

By Ashley Eneriz for Next Avenue

People carry boxes of donated items

Want to make a difference, but the budget doesn’t allow? Consider donating something other than cash. [Photo credit: Getty Images]

When it comes to donating to charity, sometimes our budgets don’t allow us to be as generous as we we’d like. But you needn’t always open your wallet to help others. Here are four ways to give back that don’t involve writing a check or READ MORE

Education assistance fund winners

From left, Allison Beales, Kelsie Hall and Ana Arvelo.

Three employees at Salina Presbyterian Manor will receive assistance to continue their education through Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America’s Employee Education Assistance program.

Allison Beales

CNA in health care, pursuing LPN.

Employee since 2016. What READ MORE

Keep the momentum going

Your generosity can extend hope beyond today


The end of the year puts many of us in a reflective mood. We think about the ups and downs we’ve had along the way and the special moments that touched our hearts.

When you review your personal highlights for 2016, don’t forget to count the READ MORE