Appreciating our volunteers

Vol_KWUEvery April we honor our wonderful volunteers at Salina Presbyterian Manor with a dinner by invitation. According to Janet Smith, our volunteer coordinator, we have 25 regular volunteers from the Salina community, and 20 more among our own residents. Together, they provide us with an average of 150 hours of service a month. Wow!

Our volunteers help with virtually every department and need we can imagine. Here is a quick look as just how many ways we benefit from their generosity.

Community Volunteers

Beth Miller was on our office staff years ago. She now does manicures every Wednesday. Jill Ellwood is a new volunteer who helps with manicures also.
Ruth Drown worked in our dietary department, retired, and is now a great dining services volunteer in dietary.
Bob Salem drives our residents on errand runs and other trips in our bus. Kenny Bridges also drives and helps with art classes.
Doris Dusseau is a great health care activity assistant, and Ken Clements visits our health care men every Thursday.
Carolyn Johannes clerks our country store and helps with some potlucks. Sharron Hamilton helps with our ladies breakfast and potlucks. Karen Allison also helps with the ladies breakfast and leads our afternoon bingo once a month.
Lynn Taylor comes every Friday to lead trivia and two Mondays a month to lead Pitch.
Sid Bieber brings his granddog Naty to visit every Tuesday.
Many local clergy lead our chapel services, including Rev. Martha Murchison of Sunrise Presbyterian Church, Rev. Charlie Smith of First Presbyterian Church, Rev. Ken Trickle, Rev. Eric Rook of First United Methodist Church, Pastor Ed Foster of St. John’s Lutheran Church, Rev. Tara Thompson of Belmont Blvd. Church, Pastor Kent Happel of Immanuel Lutheran Church, Don Schroeder, Vivian Cassel, Rev. Basil Price of Episcopal Church of the Incarnation, and Rev. David Strommen of Redeemer Lutheran Church.  Jenny Keeler and Betty Yockers with Sacred Heart Cathedral lead Catholic services every Thursday. George Easter leads devotions in memory care.
Marty Ryan plays piano for chapel when needed, and Lan Nelson plays piano for several evening events.

Dea Oellien, Ruth Coleman and Traci Peterson are Stitch and Pray volunteers.

The Kansas Wesleyan football players served our Valentine’s dinner, and  the St. John’s Military cadets helped serve our Christmas Dinner.

Resident Volunteers

Lobby Greeters: Carolyn Eland, Jean Hamilton, Peg and Fred Schroth, Jean Ann Jones, Pauline Eaton, Joy Mansfield, Nadine Griffin, Mabel Mase, Mary Havel, and Sue Vince.

Piano Players: Jean Hamilton, Dorothy Carmichael, and Bev Olson.

Library Curator: Leo Lake

Country Store: Elsie and Romaine Swanson,  Leo Lake, John and Jan Miller, and Pete Peterson.
Thank you to all of our generous volunteers!

Kansas Wesleyan University football players helped serve Valentine’s Dinner.
Jan Burns, Country Store Volunteer helping two residents locate items
Jan and John Miller, Country Store Volunteers
Leo Lake, Library Volunteer