Osher Lifelong Learning Institute classes coming to Presbyterian Manor

OSHERClass_600x600Beginning this fall, residents at Salina Presbyterian Manor will be able to continue learning for the joy of learning with Osher classes. Salina Presbyterian Manor is partnering with the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute to offer short-term, non-credit classes designed for people age 50 and older, but open to all ages and education levels.

Aberdeen Village has been hosting Osher classes for about seven years.

“I wasn’t really sure how Osher classes would go over,” said Tim Allen, executive director at Aberdeen Village. “Boy, did I underestimate that. We were still thinking in a traditional way about how you have to go to class to get a CEU, with tests and grades. But it’s not that at all. It’s really what they call ‘learning for the joy of learning.’ They offer programs and classes and experiences that aren’t just intellectually stimulating but culturally as well.”

Osher classes cover a variety of topics – from the Civil War to the British Empire, to Judy Garland and the golden age of radio.

“These programs appeal to our natural curiosity to learn more, but also keep people connected to the larger world as well,” said Tim. “There is always lots of discussion after a course, lots of discussion about their (resident’s) experiences but other things in their lives. It opens up dialogue and memories that they share with others. I think it kind of helps connect people with similar experiences.”

Residents at Lawrence Presbyterian Manor also have benefited from Osher classes.

“There are so many great classes offered,” said Rhonda S. Parks, former executive director at Lawrence Presbyterian Manor. “The diverse classes help you to think about different things and to think about things differently. Exploring new thoughts, ideas and perspectives is a good thing! Stay tuned for information about the Osher classes coming to Salina Presbyterian Manor.