What to Do About Unintentional Weight Loss in Older Adults

It often points to underlying health problems that deserve attention (Photo credit: Adobe Stock)

By Leslie Kernisan, MD for Next Avenue

One of my readers recently sent in this question:

Q: My 88-year-old father lives in his own home about 100 miles from us. He’s been living alone since my mother died five years ago. I thought he looked READ MORE

Will New Design Trends Lessen the Stigma of Hearing Aids?

Photo of new hearing aid

More wireless devices and new looks are changing the world of hearing aids [Photo credit: Adobe Stock]

By Steve Outing for Next Avenue

Have you noticed that more people are putting wireless electronic devices in, or on, their ears? This significant trend has grown, in part, by Apple’s decision to make its latest iPhones without headphone jacks. READ MORE

Mary’s musings

It seems like I just put up my new 2017 calendar, and now I am putting up my 2018 calendar. Life moves by so quickly. Traditionally, it’s a time of reflecting and making resolutions for the new year. I confess that my resolutions rarely READ MORE

Developing talents

Gerald Karnes with his photography and hand-carved wood figurines. He uses the Scandinavian flat plane method, which he learned from an artist in Lindsborg.

Gerald Karnes focuses on photography and woodcarving

When Gerald Karnes was 16, he borrowed his sister’s Kodak camera to take along to summer camp. Seven decades later, Gerald is still taking and sharing photographs.

This fall, visitors to our annual READ MORE